Protecting the Data You Want to Keep Forever

Tara Piazza, EVP of After, Inc. presented on the topic of “Protecting the Data You Want to Keep Forever” to the 8th graders at Glen Rock Middle School in New Jersey as part of its STEEM Day.  The day featured presenters in the fields of science, technology, engineering entrepreneurship, and math.

Ms. Piazza led the students in a brainstorm of the various ways to back up their valuable photos, school work, and other digital creations, along with the pros and cons to each method, including backing up to cloud storage, laptops, and external drives.  Ms. Piazza explained how data can be lost, and how it can be recovered through data recovery services.

One of After, Inc.’s clients, Seagate Technologies LLC, provided Ms. Piazza with opened hard drives of various sizes and capacities for the children to look inside, to better understand how drives operate and store data, and Ms. Piazza shared a video by Seagate explaining how data recovery is possible and the impact it has had on some of its customer’s lives.

Finally, the children were shown a website they could reference if they ever lose data, and given a career and education path to becoming someone who can invent the next generation of data storage technology, or to become a data recovery expert, as the final part of the presentation.

The children’s feedback on the “Protecting the Data You Want to Keep Forever” presentation was overwhelmingly positive, with many children expressing that they learned interesting facts, and enjoyed the chance to see the inside of the drives.

Other presenters for STEEM day included professionals from McLaren Automotive, Millman Actuarial, Schneider Electric, Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc., Inrad Optics, as well as professionals in other financial, risk, lean enterprise transformation, occupational therapy, computer security, medical R&D, and meteorology careers.