Direct Mail-Still Building Relationships in a World of White Noise

Relationships. From the first middle school dance you entered with sweaty palms, to your mother stalking your social media feed to see if you’re dating anyone, relationships will always be challenging. In 2017 there have never been more ways to connect, yet the media reports our feelings of disconnection have never been higher. What does it take to really connect?

With so many options in our multi-connected life, how should a corporation communicate with their customers to enhance their relationship? The temptation is to jump into the latest cutting-edge technology but, depending on the message, you risk becoming part of white noise. At After, Inc. we’ve found that layering our Client’s warranty message through mail, email & phone has created the touch-points needed to enhance the customer experience and therefore, the relationship.

Yes, over 180 years later, direct mail is still an important tool in establishing a customer relationship. At After, Inc. we’ve found that direct mail will represent between 40% – 60% of customer responses in key markets. These customers are selecting mail-in response instead of calling to purchase by phone or online through a personalized web link! They want to hold the offer in their hands, examine the fine print, refer to it for comparison or use it as a physical reminder to act. It says something about this market segment, but it also says something to them about our Client.

Our direct mail package is clean, with informative copy, and we keep it simple. The mail package allows us to customize the way we speak to the customer and clearly describe the Client’s offer, it’s benefits and any limitations or frequently asked questions. We include a take away of the key items, and offer timelier ways to respond, but mail continues to be relevant in our markets.

With direct mail there is the consideration of postage, but with advanced technology analysis tools and discount offerings used by our printers and USPS, it is feasible to communicate with your customers as they wish to be communicated with versus simply selecting what is cheapest for you.

So, before you price out drones to communicate with your customers, consider After, Inc.’s integrated approach, balancing original communications tools with new technology. And by the way, if you’d call your mother now and then, she wouldn’t have to stalk you.