Automated claims
processing and returns

Benefits for your business

  • Lower
    claims costs
  • Higher claims
  • Real-time
  • Improved customer
    satisfaction & loyalty
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  • Simple and easy
    claim filing
  • Customizable
  • Automated
  • Real-time
    status updates

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The Impact of a Positive Claim Experience

Learn why it is so important to deliver a positive experience throughout the customer journey, and especially during the claims process.
PLUS: Three keys to a positive claims experience

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How It Works

  • Customer files a claim online
  • Customer prints shipping label to send in equipment OR schedules a technician appointment
  • Customer gets status emails from
    you throughout the process
  • You use QuickClaim® to process the claim efficiently
    and effectively EVERY TIME
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QuickClaim is a product created by warranty business pioneer After, Inc. Our company has been serving global manufacturers for almost 20 years. Now we make our claims management software available to retailers and manufacturers of any size.

Nathan Baldwin,
CEO of After, Inc.
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