Get our latest thinking on The Impact of a Positive Claim Experience
Manage returns, replacements, repairs and warranty claims all in one easy-to-use system.

QuickClaim® helps your business reduce claim costs while providing a superior customer experience

QuickClaim helps
companies manage all types of claims

Make your returns process transparent and efficient while providing an exceptional customer experience at the same time.

QuickClaim modules
for returns

Depending on the type of claim you can use a specific set of QuickClaim modules. The modules below correspond to a standard return process.

How it works for your customer
when they file a return

Get our latest thinking on
The Impact of a Positive Claim Experience

Learn why it is so important to deliver a positive experience throughout the customer journey, and especially during the claims process.

PLUS: Three keys to a positive claims experience

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QuickClaim features & benefits

  • Reduce
    claim costs
  • Provide exceptional customer experience
  • Transparent interactions between the OEM, customer & dealer
  • Works with any industry from fashion to car manufacturing
  • Fully configurable with flexible business rules
  • Cloud-based system with top-level security
  • Hierarchy of access rights based on user’s role
  • Troubleshooting workflows that reduce the workload
  • Simple and easy
    claim filing
  • Real-time
    status updates
  • Automated
  • Integrates with the rest of QuickSuite® products

Our clients

We wanted to modernize our claims process and QuickClaim offered the ideal solution. Now, our customers have a streamlined way to file claims easily from their phones. In addition, our dealer and service partners can use the software to provide a simple, consistent claims experience. It’s a win-win-win for Pure Fishing, our angler customers worldwide, and our dealer network.
Lee Maier
Senior Manager, Service
Pure Fishing

QuickClaim AI

QuickClaim AI is a powerful add-on that can help manufacturers analyze and predict claim activity, uncover anomalies, and lower costs.

  • Identify suspicious claims
    before payments are made
  • Prevent fraud and
  • Enable better decision
    making at the time of review
  • Improve rules for prioritizing
    claims for manual review
  • Reduce the volume of claims subject to manual review
  • Speed the approval process
    for high-rated servicers


QuickClaim® is a product created by warranty business pioneer After, Inc.
Our company has been serving global manufacturers for almost 20 years.
Now we make our customer success technologies available to retailers and manufacturers of any size.

Nathan Baldwin,
CEO of After, Inc.
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