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  • Boost registrations & build personal relationships with your customers

    QuickReg helps you build tight connections with your customers by providing quick access to manuals, support, deals and discounts.

QuickReg helps you to increase product registrations.
Your customers get perks & benefits.
You get a loyal client base.

  • +200%
    Increase life-time value
    by up to 200%
  • +50%
    Know your customers to
    make better marketing
  • +30%
    Increase loyalty by offering
    personalized experiences
    for your customers
  • 92%
    of customers with
    a positive client
    experience will
    recommend your brand
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Benefits for your customers
  • They easily engage
    with your brand
    by scanning a QR code
  • They quickly register
    your product
  • They get access to user
    manuals, special offers
    and product updates

Benefits for your business

  • Know your
  • Upsell, cross-
    sell products
  • Make smart
    and business
  • Increase
    and brand
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How it works

  • Sign up with
  • Automatically
    create product
  • Generate QR codes
    and put them on
    your products
  • Get to know
    your clients!
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Ebook: What's Your Zero-Party Data Strategy?

Get to know why every brand is pivoting to a zero-party data strategy NOW. In this eBook, you will learn:

– What zero-party data is,
– Why is it so important today,
– How to pivot to a zero-party data strategy, and
– The incredible benefits of implementing it at your company.


Get to know your customers.
Register – Engage – Succeed.

By collecting user data you can engage directly with your final customer.
Make smart data-driven marketing decisions. Build trust and loyalty.

Increase lifetime value by offering
upsells and incentives

It’s a win/win both for your business and your customers.

Analytics help you measure the effectiveness of
campaigns and drive your return on investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • QuickReg® is a SaaS platform that helps businesses connect their products and services to their end customers through consent-based, two-way communication across the product/service lifecycle. QuickReg® was developed by After, Inc., a company dedicated to increasing consumer lifetime value for over 20 years.

  • QuickReg® enables businesses to link their current and historical product catalogue to QR or RFID codes through automation that can then be placed inside packaging, on packaging or added to the product itself. Your customers will be prompted to you can scan or, tap the code to share their registration data, gain access to valuable product/service information, take product quizzes, answer surveys to provide insight into their interests and preferences, be directed back to your online store, and so much more. Think of QuickReg® as a direct channel to your end customers that they can access anytime, anywhere through their smartphones. , email and text.

  • Any business that makes a product, sells a product or provides a service can use QuickReg®. Even digital businesses can use QuickReg® as a tool to pull customers back to their website or storefront.


QuickReg is a product created by warranty business pioneer After, Inc. Our company has been serving global manufacturers for almost 20 years. Now we make our customer success technologies available for any business out there.

Nathan Baldwin,
CEO of After, Inc.
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